Listen to music from Google play to eliminate noise in the venue

If you don’t take away the noise of the idiots of the masses, you will accumulate stress.
It is effective to listen to music that you are familiar with in order to be calm. By listening to your favorite music before the game, you can become a normal calm yourself. In order not to waste time, they invest themselves in breaks and holidays.

Even if he pays $ 35 on the day ticket for watching sports, he always collects information, writes articles and takes pictures during breaks

You know I felt a strange feeling when I listened to music that I was used to when I watched sports.
When I was watching the Judo World Championship on Sunday in search of my daily life boredom, I heard the judo game while listening to my favorite music using Google play.
Then, the stress of cheers was relieved and I was able to watch the game comfortably.
Well I feel stressed by the presence of spectators who are walking around without watching the game, but I can keep calm by listening to music.

Various noises are flowing in society

Ok There are people who cause various noises.
So I am convinced that there is no certain thing in the chaotic human society, so I think it is necessary to maintain my thinking ability.
I haven’t regretted spending $ 35 on a sport in the entertainment industry, but I brought my computer to make some profit.
Listening to rock-and-roll music with intensely fighting players and anti-social themes makes me feel strange. If you do not block the noise, you will accumulate stress, stop thinking and become a slave of the consumer society.
You know I was charged for a $ 35 sports watching ticket, but I decided to improve my self-development and action.
The supermarket on Sunday has a stress and a sense of crisis in the scene with many old people. I realized that I would struggle after retirement if I didn’t make a lot of self-investment when I was young. So I decided to make an effort and self-investment now.
So I think I have to get the challenge, experience and profits at the precious time of the holidays.

The public opinion is noisy

1 Seeking freedom
2 Seeking assets
3 Seeking for pleasure
4 Seeking excitement
All you need is time to challenge and experience

Japanese children are badly behaved

Recently I feel bad behavior of Japanese children

Uhh I feel stress on the Japanese ethnicity. So I can’t belong to Japanese society and I want to move overseas.
So Chinese children feel that they are well-behaved and recognize that modern Japanese morals are steadily declining.
As a martial artist, I know that there are Japanese people who hooting. At the World Judo Championship venue, I felt stressed by badly-behaved Japanese children. Do current Japanese children feel angry about their position in the Japanese society with a declining birthrate and an aging population? Anyway, Japan is not a high quality ethnic nation. Being influenced by Western culture is not an excuse, and I feel stress on the behavior of Japanese people with a high group consciousness.

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