I can’t afford to enjoy myths.
But the masses can afford to enjoy the story of fiction.
I’m interested in document films and non-fiction real-life productions.
However, I myself have no intention of charging for enjoyment.
You can improve your life with reference to realistic depictions.
Eventually, I can’t sympathize with the consciousness of beautifying stories that change from sadness to joy.
Life is always in a state of emotionlessness.

Everyone is quiet

If you don’t speak, no conversation will be born.
You have to consume energy to speak.
There is emotion there.
Most of my life is represented by animation, assuming that I am lonely.
We recognize that human trivial gestures also have certain shapes.
I don’t have much experience seeing the moment of muttering a soliloquy.
And I think there are many people who look down on soliloquy.
So people are people who talk to someone before they become lonely.
I’m trying to express the parts that I haven’t expressed in animation so far.
And there is no awareness of providing entertainment.
I enjoy the feeling of drawing a long, silent person.
That is the non-fiction lie-free expression.

BGM is an escape

I try not to use BGM.
That’s because music doesn’t play in the real world.
BGM is basically environmental sounds or sound effects.
But most YouTube videos use BGM.
BGM is a stressful noise for me.
In the past, I tried to use BGM music to improve the quality of videos.
However, I realized that BGM was a hindrance for expressing reality.
Anyway, creating a reference description for coexistence in the real world is one of the purposes of my creative activities.

The misery of others is the taste of honey

Humans have the element of the devil.
And he has the consciousness to look down on humans.
I can’t resonate with the happiness of others because I am not happy.
Humans may unknowingly compare others.
You may recognize that the happiness of others is rather ugly.
This is because the interests of others are not in their own interests.
Fiction is a product of a beautifying ego strong artist.

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