Non mistaking is mistaking

Non mistaking is mistaking

People who are not afraid of making mistakes feel they are making mistakes.
I am not afraid of leaving my job and do not want to regulate my life.
For my goals, I am happy with my lonely life, leaving my family and friends behind.
We recognize that human emotions are unstable and familiar relationships will eventually break.
I have never been a full-time employee until now and am satisfied with non-regular employment.
The Japanese national rugby director made a clear statement.
‘It’s a mistake not to make a mistake’.

The purpose of learning after making a mistake

I haven’t been able to get good results with blogs and videos.
I myself write a blog post is a public diary, a hobby and a part of my customs.
Even if I can earn money on blogs and video posts, I don’t intend to become a blogger or Youtuber.
My hobby is a hobby even if my hobby is a job
I keep losing the game, I don’t want to win, I just enjoy the process of winning.
It wasn’t serious that I didn’t analyze the reason why I couldn’t get requests or comments from anyone who made mistakes on the blog.
First I thought it would be troublesome to find out the cause even if I made a mistake.
And I don’t feel like analyzing when I miss and fail.
So I don’t mind losing to the premise of losing.

If you don’t take risks, you can’t win

If you make a stable choice because you are afraid of mistakes, you cannot win.
There are rugby tactics that take risks, and the Japanese are reluctant to take risks for foreigners.
Westerners tend to take big risks without fear of mistakes when fighting.
Even if they have anxiety to make mistakes, they seem to enjoy the game.
Basically, currency traders and shareholders take a lot of risks and compete daily.
If you are afraid of mistakes, you cannot take risks and seize opportunities and successes.
Today’s young Japanese people tend to make stable employment choices for large companies because they are afraid of starting a business.

My past mistakes

1 I was living a fallen life without drawing a future vision from adolescence
2 I belonged to a sports club and had a reckless goal even though I had a bad motor nerve
3 When I was about 21 years old, I wanted to be an actor and applied to the entertainment agency every week.

Accessed many social media and dating sites to socialize with foreign women

4 I was making money at a low-wage factory in 2018 to study at a Canadian junior college
5 I was looking for a job while paying a high rent to get a job at a web production company in Tokyo in 2019
6 I was thinking of going to France as a research student by winning a big exhibition as a painter
7 I challenged to go to high school
8 Being a member of the amateur wrestling club in high school
9 When I was 21 I aimed for a singer-songwriter with the influence of a radio music program

I have made many mistakes according to my feelings without understanding the essence.
I don’t regret that I made a mistake, but I can’t deny that as a result I wasted a lot of effort, time and money.
But even if you make a mistake and do not succeed, you are satisfied with your life.
You may have made a mistake to make life more interesting.

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