Non-profit Youtuber


How many non-profit Youtubers are in this world?

At least one exists.
That’s myself.

Working as a non-profit writer, free-to-do principle, I value time.

What do you care about?

Your dreams are people’s dreams

There is the idea that one’s own dream is another person’s dream.

I believe that pursuing the interests of others is the way to success.

You should lose yourself and create a system that will satisfy others.

Seeking something that is invisible.

You only need to earn operating expenses

I no longer need full-time full-time labor.

You can sell short-term part-time jobs by selling food that can survive hunger and convenient home appliances.

You have to make time for your activities.

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Commercial purpose

Reading this blog does not change your commercial purpose.

I do not expect others.
And you don’t expect me too.

We do not expect each other.

This relationship is not bad.

But I pursue psychology every day.

I want to express my own psychology and teach someone.

Making such Youtube videos is painful.

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