Non regular labor

Non regular labor

I don’t think our future is willing to be deep trouble with global environmental issues

I am not pessimist about anything and always behaving optimist to oppose negative remarkers. Everytime what I think about future is global issues and trendiness. In japan I living to repay government’s debts a lot as tax. When I listen to someone who talks about regular working justification, I hate such a japanese traditional ideology and group life, group consciousness. Nobody will be helping you. Even if you seek for somebody’s help, finally you have to take a lot of responsibility in future. Now it’s time to rethink over about future and the way to working in this social systems.

Regular working hours

In japan it’s unreasonable requirements to japanese labors and you won’t be able to adjust balance of work and life. I mean you’re gonna be slave with japanese white color’s office manager. I feel like it’s same thing with japanese former militarism. I wanna get out of this placement. How long time is regular working hours in your country?

I don’t care of it

One day I could change my mind and then I noticed that a number of majority is firstly stop thinking of truth or true intention. They are clown, puppet with government. I feel resentment about it.
I decided I’ll never be regular working labor. I don’t care of pension life in japan, it’s so hard…


It has spent 7days after retirement and I feel like liberated yourself enjoying a sense of personal happiness and real life right now, right here. Also I’m enjoying to save life everyday.

Pension system

Pension system will collapse in japan

I’m not kidding, I’m serious.
You’re supposed to work until death and it means destiny of us. We must accept such as fate. Once somebody said that life is long journey, people seem to be kindness. Above strictly law, we are living together everyday life, how beautiful script is!!!!
Is there wonderful pension life in future?

Encourage young people to enjoy life…

God bless us, Amen.
yasunari kayama

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