Not worth the city


Not worth the city

Last year I went to work in the city.
The result was not adopted and I went home in the country.
However, this result was a great answer.
Not because of the coronavirus epidemic.
It is a fact that remote work has begun to spread.
Currently, I go to a shopping mall as a summer resort.
The number of people working in shopping centers is decreasing.
Everyone is starting to work from home.
However, it takes several years of time and money to become a master class in each field.
In other words, I have to acquire the skills of working at home while working part-time outside.

The city is not a place to work

I think everyone has once admired the New York office district.
But it’s a world of hallucinations.
All work means repeating the same work.
The city is just a tourist destination.
I think the place to work should be in the countryside or at home.
The rent for the place of work in the city is high.
A Japanese who runs a beauty salon as a hairdresser in New York provides a business trip service.
I feel that accepting business is going to die.

Freedom, responsibility and obligation

I think people who can manage freedom, responsibility and duty should work freelance.
And I am a member of the world of office workers.
So I can assure you that I will never be employed at a company forever.
Well I regret that it was pathetic that I depended on the company until now.
Don’t just seek freedom, you should have the wisdom and effort to fulfill your responsibilities and obligations.
I recommend the position of being single.
Of course, people who cannot get happiness without getting married should get married.
However, I don’t think that modern people below the middle class should get married.

Bed town is not a place to work

Districts near the city are not places to work.
Anyway, I think the trend that the densely populated areas are dangerous will continue.
It is hell to work under concrete in hot weather due to the effects of global warming.
I want to work in a cool place near mountain areas and river areas.
Unfortunately, those who are poor in the environment should look for a summer resort nearby.
Anyway, the afternoon work is very hard.
The most concentrated time for humans is in the morning.
I think it is good to work from early morning to noon.

Homeless people living in the city should also move to the countryside

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