Number of people who can communicate on social media


Number of people who can communicate on social media

The modern place of interpersonal communication is the Internet social media.
Places such as bars and educational facilities are places for interpersonal communication, but social media is the best way to make friends and lovers.
But how many friends and lovers can you make in a lifetime?
Let’s say you want to make friends on Facebook.
If so, how many people will send friend requests a day?
If you send a friend request to 100 people a day, you can make up to 37,200 friends a year.
If you make friends for 10 years, you can make 372,000 friends.
But that’s not really possible.

1. Users who have been left without deleting their account
2. Fake account by vicious trader
3. Reject friend request

Today, billions of people use social media.
I think videophones are important for building relationships on the Internet.
I think that interpersonal communication of modern people is changing in a closed manner.
That’s why many people use text-based communication methods as their mainstream.
Certainly, many people post their face photos, but few post their videos.
Many Internet users still maintain privacy.
Many people refuse to communicate with others in situations where they can use a free phone.

Steps to building an intimate friendship

1. Send friend request
2. Exchange several times by text message
3. Switch from text message to videophone
4. Address exchange
5. Send mail
6. Actual meeting

I actually run the blog and receive various emails every day. But most are spam. And nobody actually sends messages under their real names. Most people can even exchange text messages in the second stage. But they don’t want to switch from texting to video calls. In fact, I made a video call to the other party, but he refused and removed my friend from me.

The best way to actually meet locally is

Certainly, there are people who have made friends and lovers through social media.
But I don’t think social media communication that is not in the same space in interpersonal relationships will not help human growth.
I myself try to make foreign friends, but I don’t rely on social media.
But investing thousands of dollars to make foreign friends is not justified.
I think that communication by text message is a vain thing in daily busy daily life.
Some people use social media to create lovers, but they need to have interpersonal communication skills.
After all, I think that the best method is to meet in person immediately after the social media exchange.
In short, maintaining relationships on long-term social media is difficult.
As a result, it is highly likely that you will end up with zero friends.

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