Off Mauritius


Off Mauritius

A Japanese company destroyed the environment of the earth.
Well, A Japanese president of a company was bowing at a press conference.
The president said he was sorry.
Who is the apology for?
And I think I have to apologize.
That’s enough compensation.
The president and the people who work for the company and their families must also be compensated.
It is the people of the Mauritius Government, the people who live in Mauritius and the people of the planet and the environment.
I hope the company goes bankrupt.
And the result will be inevitable.

Japanese people who are not excellent

The Japanese are just East Asians, yellow races.
And there is no excellent race or nation.
To be exact, it is race.
I think I have the habit of destroying my humanity by over-controlling my own personality.
Don’t regret failing, but fix it.
Japan will soon become an emerging nation.
And Japanese workers will work abroad.
Not wrong at all.
I will be proud that my country is a poor nation.

End of production of industrial products

The suffering of life due to the environmental destruction of human beings begins.
We hope that the oil spill off the coast of Mauritius will reduce economic activity related to environmental destruction.
Humans cannot live without economic activity.
That is why humans should not live.
If you want to go, you should consider how to live without economic activity.
The factory was operating despite the coronavirus turmoil.
And The stupid factory people were happy with the high number of product orders.
They no longer want their living standards to rise or be maintained, rather than environmental destruction.
But there is no doubt that no one lives in Mauritius who buys Japanese products.
Therefore, we are looking forward to the end of production of Japanese industrial products.

Food and drink

I have recently noticed that people are crazy about eating and drinking.
And they want to be lazy people who are full of satiety in search of the moment of pleasure of eating and drinking.
Hunger should be the best condition.
Everyone enjoys eating and drinking as a family when working in a shopping mall.
After that they go home and give out stinks.
When you imagine various things, you don’t feel any cleanliness for women.
It seems that modern people have no sense of cleanliness and no concern about global environmental issues.

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