Oil paint


Oil paint

My Oil paint career is connecting with web design

My history with Oil paint art

  • When I was 25years old, I have started to draw and oil paint on white campas.
  • I had learned how to design and oil painting by myself.
  • I had aimed at biggest contest as working at steel factory for 4years.

My art’s theme is human’s emotional.

Impression is going to improve modern advertisements.

I think that usual people wanting safety and casualty in other hands unusual people who are kind of minority people wanting oddly impression or weird things I guess. Art is absolutely deeply category for me and designing is most important to business.

Picasso, Gogh, Yasunari kayama

If you want me to draw your photography, or design something logo on web sites, you can feel free to send me E-mail or PDF document.
thanks a lot
God bless you
yasunari kayama

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