Okay if not recognized

Okay if not recognized

I’m the one who no one can recognize.
My drawing power is low.
It is difficult for me to devise a good idea.
So I can’t accept it.
But I don’t feel anything about it.

Amateur spirit

I’m not asking for evaluation.
The creative activity is for self-satisfaction and a message to future people.
I have no professional spirit.
In other words, I am in pain to create something to meet someone’s request.
I don’t want the world to succeed.

I’m reflecting on it every time

Every time I upload a video and watch it, I regret it.
I’m always disappointed with the poor quality of my videos.
Creating is painful.
But for me, doing business is more difficult.
I make animations every week for a tens of seconds of fulfillment.
Still, I’m not pessimistic because I’m making progress.

Game over with worldly success

A legendary person is a person who dies shortly after his success in life.
Bruce Lee.
Van Gogh.
I want to live as an unpopular creator until I die.
For me, the basic way of life is to choose a different path.
Certainly, I feel a little jealousy.
This is a very dangerous thing and I think I have to be mentally treated.
But successful people cannot become legends.
Superstars who can never become a legend.
However, ordinary people still have the chance to become legendary humans.

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