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Old age

Old age

There are two goals in my life.
The first is to be creative until a few months before he dies.
And the other is senile death.
1. I want to die at age 70.
2. I am thinking and doing various things in order to die and die.
3. I think it would be good for the younger generation to have a hard work by training the body and spirit.
4. I think it is important to consume your body and maintain a healthy body.
5. I absolutely want to avoid suffering from cancer and dying in the hospital room.
But are people planning on their own death?
However, I think that the majority of people also want aging and death.

Waisted old men

I disrespect old men with crooked hips.
It is that their lack of physical management has come to the fore.
If the old people who spend all their time in the house walk, they bend their hips and hold a cane.
I myself had hernia surgery.
That’s why I’m taking extra care of my waist.
We think that we cannot achieve the target of senile death due to lack of exercise.

Pleasure of cold water shower by sweating

I am addicted to running.
Look at your ugly upper body before running.
Start running every time with the image of burning fat on the waist and belly of the upper body.
In particular, it does not consider running distance or time.
Basically, it is important to consume all the energy of the whole body.
I’m running with the feeling of burning the fat that I had in dinner last night.
Prepare to change clothes while performing maintenance exercises after running.
Then take a cold water shower to lower the body temperature.
It is intended to activate blood circulation by lowering the body temperature.

Thinking while running

It was while I was running that I figured out senile death.
And it may lead to premature death by accelerating the heartbeat.
Is longevity really happy?
I think it’s better to make a big success in a short life than spend unproductive days due to illness or injury.
What is unproductive activity?
It’s all over the internet, watching TV, drinking and eating all day.
I’m always thinking if I get some information.
Just running and thinking makes me feel very effective.
I think that it is very efficient when thinking while putting a lot of oxygen in the brain.

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