Interracial conflict experience

I’m experiencing conflict with the same race.
He has had many angry experiences with his race.
On the other hand, I have no experience of interracial conflict.
No quarrel or violent quarrel with whites or blacks.
It is a different event.
If you live in the Japanese countryside, you never have the opportunity to meet whites and blacks.
I do not have a positive outlook on foreign countries, but I do not have a pessimistic outlook.
However, my interest in foreign countries now is an obstacle.
But there are ways you can confront interracial.

Bad experiences make your mind change

There are sites where you can chat with strangers.
That’s Omegle.
I myself have used the Omegle site three times.
I think that experience was invaluable.
Foreigners living in Japan are usually studying or cultural.
So the impression on foreigners does not worsen.
But I want to see the real world and understand the essence.
You can experience the foreign real world by making contact with bad or lazy foreigners.

Almost ignored

Omegle is a free chat site.
Enter a keyword that interests you and select video chat or text chat.
Then select the area to chat with and start.
Most humans who really use Omegle were lazy creatures.
The chat partner was randomly selected, but it was almost ignored.
You can feel the bullying and evil atmosphere there.

Gathering of the bottom of society

Understand how people doing disgusting jobs and losers in competitive societies become lazy.
Young people dropping out of society because they are angry that they are not in the ideal real world are playing video games and video chatting on a personal computer in a dark room all day.
Because I belong to the same working class as them, I can understand their psychology.
I am particularly uncomfortable with poor white attitudes.
Bad blacks have a little sense of humor and don’t feel uncomfortable.
But that doesn’t justify the black race.
There is no evidence of personal impression.

Cultivate the right judgment with unpleasant experiences

I have a feeling that I want to abandon everything when something bad happens.
The act of abandoning everything by that emotion has a very important meaning.
I think the act of discarding is an action based on the right judgment.
This is because you can find unnecessary things when you throw them away.
Sometimes unpleasant experiences can give rise to my own sober judgment.
So I think people who are absorbed in foreign countries should use Omegle once.
There are many disgusting whites, blacks and Indians.

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