On leave

On leave

I’m currently on leave since this month. It’s so called I’m on vacation for finding answer.

This morning, when I was on my way to finish road working, I took a look at view of people who they salesmans and students are. I felt they were look like a part of social zombies.

To search for something is asking.
God, should I return to their world as social zombie?

You need to take a vacation

I heard that usual french people are always looking forward to taking long vacation and then they are saving money for cost of travel.

Paid holidays or quit job

I quit job for progression, not vacation.

My currently routine

  • am 2:30 wake up👁️ and start working💻
  • am 5:00 finish work and get some sleep once again😴
  • am 7:30 wake up again👁️
  • am 8:00 road working🏃 and go to buy bread for breakfast🍞
  • am 9:00 back home and take shower🚿 and eat breakfast as watching abc news📺
  • am 9:30 start working again💻
  • am 11:00 finish work
  • After work I do watching TV which programs are human’s document or sports📺
  • pm 13:00 reading📜
  • pm 14:00 nap💤
  • pm 15:00 going for walk🚶 and shopping for dinner
  • pm 17:00 back home and work💻
  • pm 18:00 dinner🍽️
  • pm 18:00 after dinner watching TV📺
  • pm 21:00 sleep🛌

I’m enjoying to work and everyday life.
Have a nice trip of life!!!!
God bless us
yasunari kayama🙏

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