One and only existence

One and only existence

We are looking for a revolutionary way that no one has done.
I think that excessive information gathering in my daily life will destroy my personality.
Therefore, it excludes information other than necessary information.
I recently started studying Russian.
That’s because I plan to try someday in a Russian-speaking state.
Blogs and YouTube videos use English.
It is necessary to use English, considering the world share.
However, he began giving up trying in Latin-speaking countries.
I think that there are few people who value the individuality of creation in a modern society lacking in morals today.
In other words, I don’t think that people in the United States and Western European countries value my own personality.
So I started thinking about trying in Eastern European countries.
Studying Russian with Cyrillic is very difficult.
But challenging difficult languages ​​can be very rewarding.

A place where you can become one and only

I’m happy if I can create in any world.
However, living in East Asian countries as an East Asian is difficult to demonstrate individuality.
100% of the people around me are the same East Asians as me.
However, in non-East Asian countries, I think it is possible to use the position of interracial to create opportunities to demonstrate individuality.
That’s why Russia thought.
I have been overwhelmed by the size of the Eurasian continent, but And so I have never considered moving to Russia.
Until now, I have been thinking about trying in an English-speaking country.
But he recently began to change his life course because he felt distrust of Western Europe and North America.
I think it is important to move to a place where you can demonstrate your strong personality.

I have never set an example

Always pursuing originality.
That means that a very stubborn commitment is exposed.
I just want to be an insane and catastrophic stranger than secular successes such as popularity and revenue.
If you live with common sense, you cannot be unique.
We always take extraordinary lifestyles and judgments and value specialness.
I do paintings and illustrations, but I have never set an example.
And I think that imitating the personality of others is very damaging to one’s own personality.
Don’t be human like the same product being produced in a factory.


There is no Van Gogh for Van Gogh.
Because it’s your own.
Van Gogh does not exist before Van Gogh.
The only person who does not know the greatness of a successful person is himself.
Anyway, you can never be Van Gogh even if you aim for Van Gogh.
But I can be the legendary Yasunari kayama.

Look for my message

I am a person who expresses images.
However, I try not to convey the message directly to the work with text or voice.
Expressed from a very abstract perspective.
I think the meaning of interpreting each expression is different.
So I never refer to the way of the royal road.
I always want to create special works.
The advice of an artist who loves one and only is to trust only his own sensitivity.
I want to express a video that looks more meaningless.

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