One year has passed since animation production

One year has passed since animation production

Animation production started in earnest from November 2019.
I am devoting myself to creative activities without working.
This is a very risky decision, but I don’t want to regret it in a one-time life.
So I don’t feel anxious or scared to take big risks.
That’s not a big deal considering the fate of death.
I’ve kept my total food costs below $ 4,000 in a year.
I take pride in applying for various tax deductions and doing a profitable creative business.
I’m not simply self-intoxicated.
It also includes theological reasons.
For the first time this year, I started trying to use cold showers and cold baths on winter mornings.
Running in winter slows down sweating.
During the hot and humid season, I sweated by running to reduce my body fat.
However, the water in the bath in winter does not become muddy.
That’s why I’ve been storing water in the bathroom for a month.
That means that it can be reduced to 1/31 of the usual water bill.

A little progress

I made animation for 12 months to improve the technical progress and work speed.
I’m not bad at moving animated characters.
However, I concentrate on expressing human psychology with words, attitudes, and facial expressions.
The voice actors and designs of the animated characters, the background production, and the scenarios are all produced by myself.
You can be confident in the fact that you are doing creative activities by yourself without division of labor.
My judgments and actions that make individual competitions more attractive than group competitions have surfaced.
However, I still don’t have the ability of technology at all.
Every time I see the animation description of past video posts, I am keenly aware of my immaturity.
However, I think the first step is to know what you are not good at.

Second year aspirations

We need to enrich the emotions of the animated characters.
I’m excited about the endless creative process.
It is pleased that its own cause has been established.
I think that 2050 is the period when the creative period is fulfilling.
Of course, I want to keep running this blog until 2050.
Certainly, the burden of blog management and paid application fees is huge.
However, there is no business spirit in my heart of pursuing the true intention.
Money and business are the factors that hinder the modest life.
Anyway, I recognize that the early period of decades of creative time is now.
I’m careful because I feel happy when I live with a sense of satisfaction.
The hardest thing is to kill the joy of creation.

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