Opportunity matures


Opportunity matures

When you live in the city you wait for the moment of a quiet night’s moment.
Three years ago I realized that it is important to embody and share rather than words.
I have to go to the city at 5 o’clock tomorrow evening for the job interview.
And I have to say hello to my neighbors before living in my new house.
There are things that you have to give courage while holding various uneasy elements.
Right now I am practicing tapping and raising my video editing skills.
I do not know how much work can be done from this state, but I have no choice but to survive with self-enlightenment.
It is doubtful whether it will be beneficial to become a foreign customer, but honestly I do not get motivated.
I have to grasp what I can not live with just being a consumer.
Now we must think of serving the world as a supplier to the steady way anyway.
To live in a living environment in harmony with nature’s affairs.
Recently it is not my imagination that the winter season seems to have become shorter due to abnormal weather events.
The car’s disadvantage is a good thing and it is convenient because I start living in a city.
It seems a few days ago that I came back to a local country town about nine years ago.
I thought that I would never live in the city again, but I also felt pleasure in challenging in the city.
The difference between me and my present self is the number of experience values and skills.
I will not give up on overseas expansion eventually and I want to challenge the United States and the UK before I become 40 years old.
There may not be opportunities but now I have to work hard but I do not have time to ask the surroundings and if I give a lot of wisdom and give no results I regret and I have to live the rest of my life.
I’ve been looking at the work of many middle-aged men, but their attitude towards working is not the appearance of young people or the feeling of lively movement.
Everyday wishes of middle-aged men belonging to the working class are dinner and TV programs.
It’s all I want to be an active challenger until I die and it’s meaningless to spend time in falling down.
It is convenient and fortunate for me to single marriage of the present era.
That is why I feel proud that I can interpret that hope still remains.
Human mechanism is simple and complicated, but just kindness to others will be all.
It is interpreted that there is no request for courtship as a signal that God still challenges and it is good for spiritual health to grasp things positively.
The important thing is to feel fulfilling time everyday It is wrong to do disgusting to eat, and we are not born to taste a lot of sorrow and suffering.
The fact that there is not always an exciting development and rarely a miracle happens is an acceptance story.

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