Oprah Gail Winfrey

A yearning for black people

I am absolutely not a racist. Regardless of race or nationality, the important point is to evaluate others as individuals. I admit the goodness and badness of the unique character of Asians and I am thinking about race considering my own character. It is considered to be correct and incorrect in all answers because it is judged from the viewpoint of different values and philosophy of life. I think that what African Europeans and African Americans think or think are different from African people. In various places in the world various accidents and accidents are occurring I think that it is to see things in different viewpoints. In my opinion, the personality of a black race has basically a bright and fun image, and I feel like wanting to absorb parts of their blacks’ strengths. In that sense I am longing for black people. You should not look at them only with typical African images, but in the physical part I envy I think the beautiful skin and hands and feet black with the facts are as long as giraffes. I have never heard any stories or reports about blacks acting or making a discriminatory action against other species, I myself have never experienced personally discriminated against black people. I myself get too jealous of being envious of occasional blacks. They must also recognize that there are people with various personality in the black people as well and should not judge blacks and whites in a typical image alone. Since I have no opportunity to live with black people in my daily life, I can not understand their real intrinsic humanity so I would like to stay in a black house living in Africa or the USA thinking. As I talk about my own individuals, there is a tendency to see things narrowly and I feel like wanting to live in various environments in the sense that I want to live with a wide perspective and idea. I do not know if the choice to immigrate to Africa is correct but I do not know if I can live if I live in Africa and live a life.

The fundamental place of the racial culture of black is still the continent of Africa and is interested in Africa’s era background and lifestyle customs. I do not know if I can live my life in Africa’s traditional customs and thoughts in modern society but it seems like there is no problem of stress society is my mind. I do not think that the stance of working hard to live a better life is correct, I think that it is also incorrect to live in a free liberty and after all it is the best balance of life. If we were able to absorb their view of life in the black community it might be an important thing that Asians need and the attitude towards the basic life of those blacks may be a hint to improve our lives Absent. The black man expresses the state of the inner mind superficially and conveys it so human relation becomes clear. African dance full of black dynamism is a world recognized and popular culture. I am living as an Asian and always having a sense of inferiority to other races, there is a translation, which means that the adultness and tranquility of Asians are entertaining with other races without entering the community. It is not necessary for me to have high pride etc separately for part of the diligent and serious Asian character. I think that things that enrich life are parts of warmth of humans and I can not feel happy even if I live with suppressed feelings. For me the liberation of the spirit is a longing for black people.Black existence is my present salvation and hope. And in the real world I want to live with them and see the realities of their lives and the essence of happiness. I live my life by encouraging King Pastor’s famous quotations day by day.

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