Origin regression


Origin regression

Until recently, I couldn’t come up with the ideas needed for creative activities.
One day I was able to suddenly remember the idea after going out for a walk.
It is the use of past ideas.
Until 2017, he worked as an oil painter.
I found a new way of expression using past works.
It’s about processing and animating an oil painting photo.
This is not a groundbreaking expression.
However, the unique color of oil paintings cannot be represented by digital coloring.


I think it is necessary to return to the origin on a regular basis.
I stop thinking because I obey the habit.
That’s why I try to remember the past after waking up.
You may lose your vitality by forgetting your goals and working.
Thinking requires a lot of energy.
I think it is absolutely necessary for human beings to think about something alone.

Van Gogh is my destination

Nothing is as nice as a poor painter.
I’m still not attracted to being rich in business.
An artist who is successful in business cannot always produce a masterpiece in the future.
This is an affirmable story.
At the age of 35, I have no plans to cut my ears, but I will maintain my originality.
I think there are many artists like Van Gogh.
Selling is not the goal but self-satisfaction and expectations.
I think amateurs are the best place to create and express in life.

Who are you returning to?

I have never charged Van Gogh.
And I only charge the minimum food and utility charges.
Everyone should not charge others.
You should yearn for yourself before you yearn for it.
Self-love and narcissists are not bad things.
I don’t usually see Van Gogh’s work, and I don’t know him in my daily life.
But you should have a place of peace.
I think that means the return to the origin.

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