Original drawing


Making an original picture is called making a name.
It’s about making an animated storyline.
Scenario creation is indispensable as a condition for creating videos with interesting contents.

The original picture should have a quality similar to that of graffiti

Check out the Youtube video that introduces the process of making a manga.
The process in which the original author creates the original picture and submits it to the editor is very helpful.
This is a really creative job.

Youtube videos so far are practice materials

I have uploaded dozens of animated videos to Youtube so far.
However, I haven’t made a professional animation video yet.
The purpose of video transmission is to study daily self-results and to self-produce.

Asset income

Honestly, there are so many people posting Youtube videos to make money from their assets.
I know the fact that past videos are monetized each time they are played.
And I basically don’t upload animated videos to Youtube for the sole purpose of making a profit.
However, it would be a very good story if the income of assets and the cost of living and production during the creative activities could be supplemented.

1. Scenario production
2. Original production
3. Recording the voice of the character

4. Introduction of sound effects


There is a desire to have someone produce it.
However, I don’t think we should give up the production business.
We recommend that you engage in Web activities with the consciousness of self-producing.


There is a way to be objective in yourself.
1. Record and listen to your voice with a voice recorder
2. Record yourself in the house for a long time and monitor yourself

Forget about a successful self

If you choose a method you don’t want, you increase your chances of success.
It is uncomfortable to act contrary to one’s own habits, preferences and natural judgments.
However, I think that the reason why I cannot succeed is because I follow natural judgment and my habits and feelings.
Anyway, change is the first step to success.
Let’s change and feel strangehttps://youtu.be/GmmA7D5Bxrw

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