Our confession of the exist


In order for me to be me

Occupation that everyone does not want to do because nursing career is low wage.

There is no one who is not complaining about the situation that it is overtime for over 1 hour every day with low wages with simple labor.

It is certain that there are part-timer ladies who say that they are doing customer service and are not complaining separately.

I think that the situation of winter in Los Angeles and London homeless is tough.

Occasionally there are occasions when my head may break on various problems.

Celebrity people who are enjoying outdoor every year.

The feelings of those who are desperate for daily hard work and poor life.

Human life in developed countries filled with satiation and ego.

Let’s try a little bet here.

Let me send a letter and a cash of $ 50 to the person who sent me an email between February 7, 2019 and February 8, 2019 today.

However, there are conditions.

. Writing my full name in e-mail properly

. Send me the trouble you are having with e-mail

I will return mail from you if your own passion is sent to me.

The content of the reply e-mail from me is the sentence of reply and the story of your bank account.

It is an interesting story if it is not talked about opportunities that you can earn 50 dollars just by telling your troubles by e-mail worldwide.

If the mail does not come to me I will win this bet.

The story of this bet that only I know among people who are over 7.6 billion.

Family relationships are not working at all.

Family relationships that are relationships like others.

Because it is unemployed, this human who is going to be homeless as it is.

Weak gastrointestinal.

It is likely to be crushed by loneliness everyday.

I am tired of the dissatisfied life that I have lived for 33 years and never experienced success.

I have a memory that a child used to say long ago that I want to be a toy store when I grow up. I am disgusted by my miserable companionship.

I am sending a lot of frustration with all my troubles every day.

I’d like people to send healthy growth and happy everyday life.

I think that I want you to walk your life slowly and surely without doing too much impossible.

In order for me to be me.

In order for you to be you.

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