our existence


our existence

I want to prove your existence.
It can confirm my own existence value.
It is not possible to express or criticize everyone’s interests.
It’s a sense of duty, not a policy.
Have you ever seen Socrates’s face?
You should definitely get a look like Socrates’s difficult face.
When I was 19, I was working part-time at 7-Eleven on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
A word from the manager of a convenience store with an hourly wage of $ 7 was impressive.
“You always have a difficult face. What are you worried about?”

Grumpy man has high existence value

You need to doubt common sense to increase your value.
There is no choice but to kill the stereotypes like washing a car.
You die without sending me a message.
It’s not the right thing to do and may be avoiding physiognomy.
It’s okay to think of everything as a half-trusted object.
If you become a very serious person, you will suffer at first.
And after you can’t stand the suffering, you deny my existence.
I’m a human waste and I don’t know your existence.
The value of my own existence is a phantom story.
Before I went out to buy food at noon, I made a walking course in my neighborhood.
You can go shopping after a few minutes of walking.
I haven’t forgotten your existence.
If you concentrate on one point, the impression of the surrounding things will only fade.

Your own value

You are staring at yourself.
And it justifies a comfortable life rhythm.
That’s right.
You will be fulfilled if you embody a little change.
I can’t live imagining your existence.
It doesn’t know yourself.
Think of yourself as a fictional human in my fantasy world.
In other words, there is existence, and I feel that everything is nothing.
You don’t have to be afraid of death if you feel reassured that nothing is happening.
If you think about something in the same position, you can get a common understanding, but you cannot be sure of it.
You can be a fool if you live with a great deal of tension.
Today’s weather is cloudy and I can’t run.
You have time to think about your value.
And You will give me an unrealistic impression.
An individual human with a dual personality becomes a prey if not considered.
What is the prey?
If you are disappointed with the finite fragility, you don’t have to confirm the value of existence to me.
My existence value is zero.
Just think that the kindness you don’t want to slander you backfires.
So I recognize that your existence value is also zero.
You don’t kill me.
It’s just your own self-defense, not your kindness to me.

Treating children is a bad act

If you don’t communicate with others more seriously, things will go wrong.
Don’t you notice that you are dealing with the same scenario repeatedly?
There is no doubt that it does not exist.
The fear of death is dispelled by doubting its existence.
It can improve life by being aware of ignorance.
While pushing for RE100 companies, you should recognize that your own restraint is the most important.

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