Out of material


Out of material

Mankind has a long history of creation.
Will more groundbreaking expressions and creations be born?
I have no choice but to pick up inspiration from my daily life.
This represents empiricism.
Looking at the creative situation of humankind in 2020, it is digitized.
Excessive digitization prevents emotions from coming to the surface.
They are constantly depriving humans of their skills by using new applications and convenient artificial intelligence.
I use transportation and walking or biking.
But I think the ultimate analog technology stabilizes the human mind.
I’m desperately trying to bring a groundbreaking animation to the surface.
My mind is filled with daily trial and error and tiredness of the same expression technique for hundreds of years.
The storyline can be rearranged indefinitely, but it’s just imitating.
A simple human dynamic depiction can be surfaced, but it is not groundbreaking.
When you surface something you don’t know, the skeptical expression is completed.
The expression that contains that skepticism becomes a new creation.
I am devoting myself to arranging things created by God and embodying strange things.

It looks African and the inherent thing is eerie Asian quality

Asians can play Asians, but they cannot play other races.
It’s simply because you can capture everything on the surface.
I create with the feeling of being reborn as a black man by expressing animation.
And I work while imagining a world where I recognize that my skin color is black.
There is no point in touching the prohibited items because the material is out of stock.
I’m sick of healing to a fixed pattern of Kishōtenketsu.
It is difficult to play a woman with maternity, but Katie plays a woman with a gender-sexual temperament.
The situation continues in which the certain dissatisfaction and anger inherent in myself floats in the black people.
I have been dealing with black skin for over a year.
This means that they are in the same position as Africans who look at themselves in the mirror on the washbasin every day.

I’m not convinced I’m convinced

I want a ruthless commitment to creation.
I’m not a worker who just makes and sells the same things.
I want to suffer more from creation.
And I want to be more hungry for ideas.
My desire is to become a perverted writer who is greedy and forgets about society.
I want to convince myself that I will never be convinced of the work.
This is an interesting phrase.
But it is a fact.
I think that you can achieve further self-growth by getting tired of worries.

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