Outage of information sender

Outage of information sender

The necessary information already exists.
However, information senders always send information on social media.
The contents are all the same as the contents of the past information and are repeated.
So I am not interested in providing finite information.
They do not refer to others’ life experiences for self-development.
For me navigation in my life is the Bible and I don’t need to buy a book.
I feel the best when I’m working and can wake up.
Various Youtubers are expressing.
I hate constant things.
I myself want to change constantly and reduce my footwork.
That’s why I’m single and abandoned my friends, family and relatives.
My personality is conscientious, but there are parts where I have no courage.
I know my personality, but I always struggle with my personality.
I think that struggling figure can give courage to others.

Same content

I’m thinking about a musician singing the same song over and over.
I think it’s a boring act.
I think it’s the same as monotonous factory work.
So everyone feels they stop posting videos.
I am ashamed to make animated videos with the same content.
However, when I stop working, I feel uneasy.
In other words, now I can’t afford it.
We recently discovered that it was important to pioneer content incrementally.

What is my blog?

I mainly communicate my feelings.
I also like making satire videos on social issues.
However, I do not introduce merchandise and I am not a merchant information provider.
That’s the same as doing business.
People are talking about making money with blog affiliates.
Many people think that blogs are a platform for making money.
My concept of blogging is part of my hobby.
Certainly they disclose information about individuals and society, but they just share it.
I just write what I want to say.

Small events in daily life are enough

People feel they want fun depictions.
I think few people want to hear difficult stories.
At first glance, I look at areas I don’t care about but don’t go deep.
It’s important to spend a day thinking short-circuited and feeling better.

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