Over action


Over action

I think movies and dramas are very funny.
You can understand the emotional tendency that is moving there.
But you should be aware of the lie story.
So I don’t think about stories in animation production.
I absolutely want to express reality in the world of animation.
Stop being impressed by the unrealistic storyline that the building destroys and the animals talk.
I’ve been pursuing individual loneliness and personality for several weeks.
However, there is not much individual difference in the surface of human emotions.
There are various past painful experiences, and the reactions are various.

Over action for entertain

When an animated character expresses emotions, it tends to be over-action.
That’s very nonsense.
I want to fuse with the world of animation and this real world we live in.

The world of facts is boring

I’m disgusted with the unrealistic storyline.
Life is basically boring.
So modern people want an unreal world, excitement and fear.
Interesting movies and dramas are escapist prescriptions.
But I want to draw more of a boring world.
Miracles and emotions occur only a few times in life.

Trivial behavior or habits

Observing behavior that doesn’t make sense.
It can be recognized that it is with the animals in the zoo.
Living animals are rather natural, as they are bored and suffering.
I just want to express the repetition of getting up, walking, eating and sleeping in the morning.
It smells like a drug to the American entertainment industry.
There are entertainment addicts all over the world.
I have no interest in Japanese entertainment.
And I’m always devoted to reading the Bible in the afternoon.
It is nonsense to describe many accidental events.


The conclusion is that the real world is a non-reaction.
No one reacts like the protagonist of the virtual world.
However, students take classes and adults are doing economic activities.
You don’t have to create interesting things.
And you need to feel a lot of boring events.

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