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Overall evaluation

Overall evaluation

Sorting of social classes begins at public schools.
There is no absolute evaluation there.
I feel angry in the world that decides the position of the winner and the weak.
Every nation has a social class, and losers have to do unpleasant jobs.
However, I believe in God who absolutely appreciates it.
That’s the right decision.
Many people attempt to go bankrupt when they belong to a group of losers by overall evaluation.
Runaway consumption.
Liquor and cigarettes.
Indecent act.
Decrease morals.
Aiming to be a recipient of livelihood protection by suffering from the physical body.
The winner of society must take care of the loser.
Human society is a world where we live by hurting each other.

Absolute evaluation of your own art appreciation

I feel happy when I hear a wonderful line.
If you get mental stability, you can make your life much easier.
Recently in the afternoon, work has not progressed and I lie down on the floor and work hard for self-development.
That is because it does not cause emotional instability.
I went to the place of the child shelter that I used to take care of and remembered.
When I recall my own childhood photos, I feel narcissistic and unforgivable for my parents.
There has always been an unforgivable consciousness.
However, parents need to teach their children the system of public facilities for overall evaluation.
I think everything is a product of the pleasures of sexual activity, and I have no doubt.
And so I definitely appreciate the work of art.
A work of art that is unique in the world is an eternal product.
Non-product works of art are not subject to popularity or brainwashing evaluation.
I laughed at the sunset on the way back from the walking path on weekday afternoons.

Scale of possibility and future

Let’s resent the celebrity who advocated infinite possibilities.
We are asking for cash donations rather than words of encouragement.
Despise humans who are hiding by slandering or stealing themselves.
I swear I will never meet people with different values.
I’m reading a philosophy book because I can’t solve it even if I complain about the overall evaluation.
The result of giving priority to ego without resting in anticipation of lasting mental pleasure is disastrous.
In other words, recently I have decided the scale of possibility and the amount of work.
It is not good to work without a purpose or plan.
It is better to avoid inappropriate places and situations than to eat a bad meal.
There will be a confusing world next year due to the aftermath of the coronavirus.
God wants humans to know rationality.
I don’t think I should be a drug addict who envisions miracles, fairy tales and romance.
You just have to enjoy the ideal world forever, and you don’t have to focus on things that don’t happen.

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