Overseas travel and housing rental

Overseas travel and housing rental

We believe that staying at the hotel is not convenient at all.
Because check-in is 15:00 and check-out is 12:00 noon, you cannot stay all day.
For me, I can’t feel comfortable sleeping in a hotel, and the cost of accommodation is too high.
How about a share house?
After all it is not possible to secure a private space 24 hours. It is an option for overseas travelers on a low budget.
Basically, you can’t feel the comfort of everyday life at home while traveling.
You know I think that the period of enjoying the tourist spots should be set in a short time.
And I think people who are not interested in tourist attractions should avoid traveling abroad.
Also I traveled to Paris, France for 10 days, but it was a solo trip, so I was bored from the third day. And I was watching TV all the time while staying at the hotel.
When I was staying at a hotel in France, I switched on the TV every day at 15:00 and turned on the TV until checkout.
I am not interested in studying foreign history at tourist attractions or museums. So I am interested in migrating overseas but will not travel abroad in the future.

Apartment rental

When traveling abroad or moving overseas. I feel that renting apartments and condominiums can spend more time than share houses and homestays.
I am convinced that it is better to have a small apartment than to live together in order to live a stress-free life.
So I think it’s important to combine overseas life with life in your own country, and the situation where you cannot secure a private space is stressful.
You can actually check foreign apartment rental contracts online or in advance.
In my case, I negotiate directly without an internet rental contract.
Perhaps the documents necessary for foreign rental contracts are a passport for identification documents and a medical insurance card.

Stay in a foreign friend’s house

The best way to stay is free and private.
However, it is difficult to stay for free, but there are ways to stay at a foreign friend’s house.
Living in the home of a close foreign friend at the lowest rent is the best way for a backpacker to stay.

I have experience of staying in hotels abroad and living together with foreigners in homestay.
However, I have no experience of renting an apartment abroad and living in my own private home.
About 5 years later, I would like to have a long-term stay abroad by experiencing an apartment rental contract overseas.
But the important thing about staying abroad for a long time is medical insurance.
Of course, there are various overseas travel insurance, but when you leave your home country. You have to consider whether you want to withdraw from the national insurance.
If you leave the national health insurance and join a private overseas medical insurance, you will have to pay for it.
For example, the cost of overseas medical insurance for one year is roughly over 2000 dollars.
If you want to stay abroad on a low budget, you can only use credit card overseas insurance service in combination with private insurance, or you can make a rent cheaper by negotiating with the local apartment lender.
If prices and currency values ​​are different, you must calculate the budget by grasping the situation of currency rates in advance.
Anyway, I think you should search for ways to stay abroad on a low budget on the Internet and interact with people overseas.
Opportunities to interact with people overseas on big sites like Youtube and Instagram.
I think it’s a good way to communicate by direct messages and seek cooperation for overseas stays.

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