Persistence activity

Persistence activity I’m happy if I have something I want to work on forever. You can do your favorite activities forever in the post-mortem world. Are you doing permanence activities? I have a reason to be able to search for animations forever. It is allowed to devise endless scenarios and character designs. Perhaps Beethoven is … Read morePersistence activity

We have to make progress

We have to make progress You should not be content with the current level without progress. Therefore, of course, the activity speed may slow down. Why do we have to produce the same thing in slavery? What is the psychology of human beings who publish the same work with obsession? Maybe I’m just happy with … Read moreWe have to make progress

My way of life

My way of life There are various methods of economic activity such as working at a company, self-employed, and freelance. What is your proper way of working? I’m an eccentric artist who doesn’t belong to the community. After working for a company, I felt mental and physical fatigue and learned a lesson in my life. … Read moreMy way of life

Experimental life

Experimental life I myself try to like experiments. Continuing to experiment means continuing to fail. Rather, I feel resistance to success. Anyway, I feel fulfilled by experimenting. You can experiment and see the results, but don’t neglect the analysis. There is no chance or uncertainty, and emphasis is placed on necessity and rationality. And I … Read moreExperimental life

Paz church

Paz church As a believer in Christ, I try to balance creation and faith. Sunday worship rallies are very risky. Given the modern style, it’s best to watch online missions. A myriad of religious corporations are engaged in online activities and street missions. I recommend the Paz church Youtube channel. It can be viewed mainly … Read morePaz church

Tragedy and non-playwright

Tragedy and non-playwright I attach great importance to sadness and unrealistic elements. He is motivated to portray the struggles of eight black philanthropists. I want to develop a story without a solid scenario or introduction. And I am absorbing the characteristics of tragic writers and non-playwrights. It has a form that unrealistically represents the world … Read moreTragedy and non-playwright

Invisible goal

Invisible goal We are heading for an invisible goal. I endure a race where I don’t know when I will reach the goal. And I wonder if life needs insurance. Life insurance increases your fear of death. If you are satisfied with your daily life, you will be happy. It would be wise to cultivate … Read moreInvisible goal