The sad fact that there is bullying all over the world Some people seek a land of happiness People seeking developed countries from their home countries in poverty People who want to migrate abroad and want to enrich their lives However, there are bad events and sad cases in developed Continue Reading

Work is everything

How to make your work fun I am convinced that it is important to make holidays 1 Life saving 2 savings 3 Lunch is salad 4 Secure funds for your next dream It is best not to be able to waste money on holidays as a result The notion that Continue Reading

Everyone can not succeed

Everyone can not succeed I understand that everyone wants to succeed If everyone succeeds, things will go wrong So not everyone can succeed However, we hate successful people and lose their confidence But I think each definition of success is different Enroll in a good higher education institution Joining a Continue Reading

Sunday twilight

Sunday twilight Hourly Town at 5 o’clock on Sunday Sunset I felt something when I woke up from a sunday holiday afternoon nap I imagined that I would die alone in the studio Everybody has the fate of dying someday I do not want to pessimistically think of dying I Continue Reading

Life is time for killing time

Life is time for killing time Humans are killing time until they die I do not think that I am working to live Reconsidered that it would be good to leave the dream I think work may be the best way to kill time It is great to live by Continue Reading

Misunderstanding that a child wants

Misunderstanding that a child wants The desire of one’s own child that the people of the world think Everybody wants or complains that they want their children But I am looking at the essence Having your own child is very expensive and painful It is nonsense to make a child Continue Reading

Stop working is goodness for us sometimes

Red light Most people ignore the red lights and try to cross the intersection The heart of people who can not wait I have patience and stop when red light I feel it important to wait in my life I see a lot of traffic lights because there are many Continue Reading


A persevering weak modern person Humans who can not stand the pain of work The future of people who do not do homework gets darker Homework that I did not do will not be disposed of Homework is left over and I have to do homework Am I incompatible with Continue Reading


Narcissist Everyone loves their own things And everyone is in love with beautiful actresses and rock stars We should not forget to rehydrate for dehydration. Hydration can not be indispensable in the coming era If you look at the Youtube video, the content is an introduction of a trivial event Continue Reading

Divorce experience

Divorce experience I thought about the psychology of the divorced parents’ children I think it would be meaningless to grow up without feeling your parents’ love Everyone is crazy about love in adolescence and loses reason There are many people who can not do social activities due to the severity Continue Reading