Shower life is good?

I’m a little worried about my shower life Life in the new house has started, but there is one worrying thing is that it is shower life. There is no bathtub in the new house and I can not take a bath and I only have a shower. I’m always Continue Reading

Hello, again!!!

Long time no see! How are you? It is a blog post after a long time. Somehow the move’s completion and clean up is over. I think everyone is probably feeling better on the weekend, but I am in a situation where I can not settle down in job hunting Continue Reading

Sense of happiness

On the way home for shopping in the evening When is the moment when you feel happy? It makes me feel nostalgic when I see the people who follow the sunset home path. In a corrupting contemporary society I want to feel natural and hold humanity. It is important to Continue Reading

I’m a healthy man!!

Please do not miss vegetables and fruits When I was watching YOUTUBE last evening I saw a video of a press conference on a celebrity cancer announcement. One actor who suffered from colorectal cancer died at the end of the fight against cancer at the terminal cancer for several months. Continue Reading

Opportunity matures

Opportunity matures When you live in the city you wait for the moment of a quiet night’s moment. Three years ago I realized that it is important to embody and share rather than words. I have to go to the city at 5 o’clock tomorrow evening for the job interview. Continue Reading

No majority

It may not be good to classify as a popular group It was only a few years ago that I found out that belonging to the majority of classes is not good. I feel a sense of crisis in getting gathered in publicly known information and think that consciousness that Continue Reading

You like 24 hours store?

Exposure of poor lifestyle I would like to advocate that people should be able to live if there is minimum daily necessities. If you eat to meet hunger, people can feel satisfied and excessive intake of nutrition is more nonsense than nonsense so it is an act of harming your Continue Reading

My memory

Emptiness of local old friend’s place and current situation In February 2005 I moved from the local to the city and for about 5 years until 2010 I was only doing part-time job with music activities in the city life. I did not anticipate that I will return home locally Continue Reading

let pc sleep while you leaving

Do not turn off the PC I try not to turn off my PC frequently. Basically keep the state of the computer to sleep when I’m at home other than going out. Do not put application software on the desktop. Put frequently used application software in the task bar below. Continue Reading

Human life necessities

aim Human life necessities Each person’s essentials are different and the values held by others are not to be denied and they are said to respect each other’s values and live. There will be things and people indispensable indispensable in this one-time-only life, and in my case it is the Continue Reading