Every experience and precious experience In the space surrounded by nature, I like the moment of boiling hot water in the bath at dusk on Saturday at a very comfortable moment. As you can see, it is very disappointing that there are many young people who suffer from modern illness, Continue Reading


dream What is love? Love is the greatest entertainment in life The instinct that human beings may eventually be an animal sense. It is difficult to think about complicated things in a busy daily life. The moment of feeling happiness Last night I was having dinner around pm 6. Because Continue Reading

Polar bear

Polar bear, warming and libido of modern people There was a report that Polar bear came to search for food from the village to the private house on the island in the north of Russia. It was a press that I realized that I mentioned and warned about global warming Continue Reading


risky Risky business There was a period when I longed for a Hollywood star as I was watching Hollywood movies around 23 years old. Especially my favorite actor was Tom Cruise and he liked all the movies that portrayed his challenging spirit as it was and was a material of Continue Reading

Job hunting

spiritual Preparation for a new journey and the life philosophy I have cultivated up to now This month I am about to get a job hunting job with a camera company in the city center and an IT related company. It is an absolute requirement to get a job at Continue Reading


monday morning Admiration for living and fear of death I am wondering why the feeling of happiness that oozes from a healthy life is hidden all the time in the heart of human beings all the time. I know that I can feel comfort in the silence, it is important Continue Reading

Health care

sunday morning Stir-fried vegetables are the best Stir-fried vegetables ingredients Cabbage Carrot Burdock root Onion Potato Green pepper Sweet potato Why I recommend stir-frying vegetables I started getting sick from my gastrointestinal condition since I was 29 years old. I have been studying the way to improve my gastrointestinal myself Continue Reading

Alita !!!

Alita? Uhh honestly I’m not biggest fan of anime so I can’t explain of Japanese anime culture. I didn’t even know the title of Alita’s anime until a couple of days ago. What to watching to enjoy anime TV is done since when I was high school student. <My favorited Continue Reading

global warming

How do you think about world’s population? This is crisis situation that always increasing respectably life everyday. It will be explored number of population in future and by government analysts in 2050 that the number of population in this world is 10,000,000,000. What is gonna happened to our food? Is Continue Reading

Our confession of the exist

In order for me to be me Occupation that everyone does not want to do because nursing career is low wage. There is no one who is not complaining about the situation that it is overtime for over 1 hour every day with low wages with simple labor. It is Continue Reading