Permanent plan

Permanent plan I think usual people are not intend to think of further future as analyst or something like that. The point of aiming is rethink about current perspective and then it must have some periods to remaking newly plan. Why I do explain such as thing that to need Continue Reading

Low income

Low income Someone said tome that we all family is going to be poor than ever. She always have made any of excuses to foster her family and then I have heard such a miserably discussion overnight after work. I didn’t understood why my family is in poverty and parents Continue Reading

Working time in the world

Working time’s rank Mexico  Costarica  South Korea Greece  Russia  Chile  Poland  Latvia  Israel  Lithuania Iceland  Ireland  Estonia  Portugal  Turkey  Amarica  Czech  Hungary  New Zealand  Slovakia  Italy  Japan  Short-time worker’s rate Nederland  Schweiz  Australia  UK Japan Ireland  Germany  Denmark  New Zealand  Austria  Canada  Norway  Italy  Kingdom of Belgium  Mexico  Iceland  Chile  Continue Reading

Bird song Bird song Top 50 birds which sings originally owning song No,1  Little cuckoo  27.5cm  No,2  Common cuckoo  35cm  No,3  Black paradise flycatcher  44.5cm  No,4  Brown thrush  23.5cm  No,5  Grey thrush  21.5cm  No,6  Winter wren  10.5cm  No,7  Blue and white flycatcher  16.5cm  No,8  Narcissus flycatcher  13.5cm  No,9  Siberian meadow bunting  Continue Reading

How to establishment own website How to establishment own website Need to understand web system Acquire own URL ↓ Let’s make contract with Rental server Apply on website Select option Input original domain name To resister website Input contractor’s information Phone authorization Input creditcard’s information Make an original Domain Example: You can select Continue Reading

Coffee Delicious brew!!! Hand trip coffee Need some items for making delicious coffee at home Paper Filter Dripper Server Coffee powder Measure spoon Drip pot which has narrow neck for setting dripper up They make a powder and into paperfilter Set up dripper The powder is 10g per 100cc or Continue Reading

The percentage of restaurants frequented 1.The table below gives the type and percentage of restaurants frequented. 2.And a breakdown of the average expenditure by day and night. Restaurant type  Percentage  1.Fast food  37%  2.Casual restaurant  20%  3.Bar $ Pub  27%  4.Fine dining restaurant  13%  5.Others  3%  Food expenses per person Day time $5  30%  Continue Reading

There is the percentage of loneliness experienced by people from different age group There is the percentage of loneliness experienced by people from different age group 1930’s Never  29%  Rarely  13%  Sometimes  21%  Often  13%  Usually  24%  1940’s Never  7%  Rarely  9%  Sometimes  23%  Often  20%  Usually  41%  1950’s Never  5%  Rarely  7%  Sometimes  21%  Often  28%  Usually  39%  1960’s Never  5%  Continue Reading

Average weekly household expenditure on main commodities and services Average weekly household expenditure on main commodities and services   per week $  Fuel & power  $62  Food & drink  $60  Transport  $58  Recreation & culture  $55  Restautants & hotel  $48  Household goods & services  $30  Miscellaneous goods & services  $25  Tlecommunication  $20  Clothing & footwear  $15  Education  $12  Continue Reading

International hotel guest See the percentage of international hotel guests by continental region 2015 European  38%  American  33%  Asian  25%  African  4%  2018 European  32%  American  28%  Asian  32%  African  8%  2021 European  21%  American  10%  Asian  44%  African  25%  The African and Asian markets are the two strongest growth areas with Continue Reading