It is unquestionably true that a specific technology’s era is coming to our daily in near future. There is not a significantly definition of making dream come true and you have to contract lifework. Not in the mood for joking and such a predictions of ordinary citizen is possibly an Continue Reading

A rogue wolf is feigning to protrude outward from the surface

Many people believe that it can be going it through with upcoming issues Now I can get a chance to learn about expression of drawing, singing, writing and so on, in this year is that I will grow up to be better than I guessed. However we have to work Continue Reading

During a five years period

Nowadays I thought that it is most expression how to show beautiful appearance is preparing for death in the future, so I am doing well. what do you looking forward to seeing at tonight? Before sunrise, there is almost fade in subtle light in quietly village, then I feel like Continue Reading

Live a prosaic life

Possibility A primary concern that be able to clear current state in this area, therefore it can be satisfy my procession. So I hope I am supposed to improve something regardless of race, religion, or sex from now on. As a negative reply to separation between politics and religion, anyway Continue Reading

The bane

It is generally thought that it has many times to spend bored days, I can be argued that the number of people are always avoiding of anything about bored things. what do we want? such a life expectancy for myself isn’t goodness and do oppose to normally idea. I just Continue Reading

Many people believe that violent movies are harmful to an adolescent’s mental development.

The first season is that I am able to learn right and wrong by myself. such a dramatic and stylish to my life that as a natural result, I will expect to keep learning people who are suffering. I think it is not bad that young people watch violent movies. Continue Reading

Gogh and yasunari

About art I archive my paint arts, still not complete arts I think. Such a overwhelm art making is what I want. it’s hard to paint in heat room however and swear a lot. When I wake up in early morning and then go out of roadwork for a hour Continue Reading

Easy come easy go

The structure of sentence is wrong, but it depends on reader’s sense Thank you for reading this horrible sentence. I appreciate it. I am not a person who lives in countries which speaks English as mother language. I am always admiring their fluent speaking and listening. I have a keen Continue Reading


Clinch In my home town that I am struggling to get pragmatic skills which kind of programing language, cording, knowledge of computer sciences, it makes me fatigue so much and I must improve upon my shortcoming if I will be made it in future. I was tedious when I was Continue Reading