Paid holidays in Japan


Paid holidays in Japan

Could you please let me ask you some questions for you?
How’s your business?
what do you do?
How long is your paid holidays?

This time, I wanna talk about paid holidays in Japan

I just wanna share with japanese and foreigners and I heard that various situations with paid holidays’s system in this world.
Now I’m on leave and so I’m not employee.

I had never took paid holidays before…😑

I couldn’t enter the university for subjection and my education’s certification is high school. Therefore I won’t be able to work at good corporation and I have to be blue worker on working class.

  • It’s nonsense for me that what to aim at getting job as employee
  • Factory, post office, transportation, agriculture, are these companies good for you?
  • I had overworked at these companies as slave
  • My day-off was only sunday, sometimes you can take day-off on saturday
  • There is no paid holidays

Someone saying to me ‘Get job!!!!’

I had to rethink over about future. And I tended to keep on being positive minder.

I though and though…

Move to foreign area

I think foreigner can’t image how terrible japanese work requirements. It doesn’t mean work, slave. Japanese blue worker’s work place is absolutely hell.

Beautiful requirements

  • No paid holidays😕
  • No bonus😟
  • A large of amount with work😖
  • Everyday you must overwork 2 or 3hours🏥


Freelance and New place

We have to think of age and the most important thing is changing technical job to management job, blue worker to white worker. Career changing is necessarily action for us I think.


Some youtuber said employee’s working style is taking risk and meaning dangerous. Basically he famous japanese entrepreneur advised viewers to get practical skills and aiming at being Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Employer.

New place

My current draft New place

It’s so called that Project of Escape from hell’s workplace.


Japan is great nation. Surely japanese character is quietly, behavior, educate. Japanese cuisines Sushi, Japanese noodle, Japanese sweats are delicious. I’m proud of Japanese martial arts which are Judo, Sumo, Aikido.😃

But I strongly would be claim with Japanese work’s requirements and environments.😫

Best nation for travel.
Hell’s nation for work.
Thanks for reading.
God bless us, Amen.
yasunari kayama 🐌

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