Pain in the ureteral calculus is not half


Pain in the ureteral calculus is not half

I did not rehydrate recently
The daily intake of fluid was about twice
One of the men at work in the morning one day had a feeling of residual urine
A few minutes later I felt severe pain on the right flank of my body
I left the company early and went to the hospital
I went to the hospital by bicycle while feeling intense pain
It was really painful to die

I experienced severe pain in the hospital room as an emergency patient

It was painful enough to faint
I endured severe pain in my bed
I held my head and struck a wall to relieve my pain
It was so painful that I could not breathe
I have experienced severe pain for the first time in my life

I put a laxative in my ass
I hit a drip
After a few minutes, the analgesic was effective

Two hours later, the pain in the ureteral stone was cured
I was consulted and pointed out by a doctor

I got a urine test to find out the cause of the lack of water

I realized the importance of rehydrating
I made a deep remorse and vowed to replenish a lot of water every day
I vowed to make it a practice to always rehydrate when working

The pain in the ureteral calculus is really severe
It is pain that can not breathe

I absolutely recommend that you rehydrate

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