Pancake savings


Pancake savings

A pancake diet can save money.
Recently I’ve decided to add pancakes to the meal menu.
I realized that it was a huge savings.
Buying sweet buns doesn’t save you money.
If you don’t consume a little sweet sugar, your thinking function will decrease.
So I thought about a cheap way to get sugar.
Japanese fruits are expensive.
The reason is that Japan is not an agricultural country, and the consumption tax on fruits is not cheap.
In fact, it is best to consume the natural sugars of bananas and apples.
However, people living in conserving non-farm countries have difficulty consuming natural sugars.

Pancakes are cheap

I buy pancake flour once every two days.
And they buy the eggs needed to make pancakes once a week.
Pancake flour costs about $ 1.50.
A pack of 10 eggs costs about $ 1.30.
Basically, make pancakes without sugar or milk.
The ingredients are one egg, one bag of pancake flour and 140 ml of water to make one pancake.

Less than $ 5 a day for food

Basically, thanks to pancakes, we can cut the daily food expenses by half.
You can live without buying expensive and expensive Kato foods.
Savings can ensure foodstuffs rich in dietary fiber, such as cabbage and potatoes.
I always lose my appetite after shopping after running.
I don’t think it’s good to go hungry.

Delicious without milk

It is correct to add milk when making pancakes.
But I think it will actually save you as well as prevent frustration.
Since the ingredients are water and one egg, the amount of lipid is not large.
You can get very full and it is easy to make.
It is not bad to make pancakes for lunch.
Because I don’t get very full, I don’t hurt my afternoon work or study work.

Beware of carbohydrate overdose

My only carbohydrate intake right now is pancakes and udon.
Never eat a pancake more than once a day.
The important thing is to get the minimum amount of sugar at low cost.

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