Passive people are not good


Passive people are not good

Stupid passives are prey to actives,
A person who fulfills his desires by being passive is a drug patient.
Don’t be passive.
It’s something you shouldn’t focus on the consumer.
It’s unfortunate to have a life of unpleasant work and a lot of pleasure on holidays.
Avoid those who enter the entrance to hell on the first Monday of the week.
It is hard to think about the retirement process, ignoring the ideas of low-intelligence managers and employers.

A sense of accomplishment in charity

I like to make works that will be shown in a few months in a long-term plan.
Living in anticipation scares the ultra-short-term vision of day laborers.
Don’t be an active person thoroughly.
It is because I cannot reflect on myself and take advantage of myself.
Then what should I do?
Create and do activities in your room on a quiet country night.
You should aim to be a true active person.
I think it is important to have a weakness in business.
Thorough restraint, self-control and establishment of life philosophy.

Joint passives are the worst

Have you ever seen people brainwashed for consumption together?
People who continue to buy products produced in a fully self-driving factory.
Pity those who make passive a hobby or a purpose of life.
And I can’t persuade them.
There is only their own enlightenment for them to notice their own stupidity.
It’s sadness, loneliness, and patience.
It would be a dream for them to get a momentary mental organization.

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