I had a dream about the past.
And I remembered my past experience.
My own sensibilities and values ​​have changed a little.
Every time I read a book of philosophy over and over again, I dream more often.
I had many dreams that didn’t make sense.
Today’s weather is cloudy and then rainy so that you don’t feel well.
I felt sad when I dreamed of the emotional movement of the author who died in 1992.
And I wasn’t crying, but I thanked him for his breathless emotions.
Well I got up immediately and started my creative activities at 3:30 pm.
However, unpleasant information is an obstacle to creativity.
Breakfast this morning was 3 loaves of bread and orange juice.
And lunch was five small 8 cent potatoes I bought last night.
I ate steamed potatoes for the first time in a long time, so I took a nap.
So I feel that vegetables and reading have impressed me in the past.
Uhh I am not attracted to people who live with expectations for the future.
They think there is a 0% chance of producing an emotional movement like him.
Is it possible for a delighted person to create emotional movements?
I thought that the work of converting the limit of temporary sadness into an expression or the true creative activity would start.

10 years ago

My grandfather died just 10 years ago.
I have no sadness for my grandfather.
But there is sadness for him who died in 1992.
Unconditional love for blood relatives is nonsense.
I was impressed by the human figure who worked hard until the end.
There is usually no respect or excitement for my grandfather who was watching TV at home all day.
I remember my grandfather hiding and smoking while he was being treated for lung cancer.
Self-denial cannot be avoided if a person who has less than the average values ​​of the general public is considered to be a father.
The progress of creative activities today is fairly normal.
I thought that the offering of the spirit was indispensable for suddenly encountering an enlightening event.

Military education

There are three nurseries in front of the apartment where I live.
If I was working at night shift, I wouldn’t be able to sleep well and would work the next sunrise.
Military education for nursery school children is held around 10 am on weekdays.
I remember my own current experience over 30 years ago.
A roaring march plays in the neighborhood at the playground of the nursery school.
A complete nursery is a facility like a factory or construction site that produces noise.
I was watching the nursery school children and the nursery school mothers from one room in the apartment.
It can be considered that this military education in the past builds national character.
But I can’t accept the educational system to kill the enemy.
I was a little sleepy in the morning today, so I tried to take an hour’s nap.
However, the announcement of the military-style order of the nursery school mother disturbed my sleep.
Commanders who follow the military education manual must follow the policies of the national president.
Events related to past nightmare experiences are taking place.
I need to study skepticism from now on and it’s one of my recommended philosophies.
And I have a desire to acquire Descartes’ skepticism and strengthen my self-control.
The reason I didn’t get angry at the roaring marches and announcements of the nursery school is because I’ve ignored them in the past.

Yesterday’s existence

Prove your past existence.
However, writing a blog post does not prove its existence, and it is similar to a dream story that does not make sense.
I want to establish a proof that I am alive, but I don’t expect it.
Even if you can get someone’s reaction, you should continue to doubt.
I don’t remember the story of the past dreams I had in the past.
However, it is proved by writing the experience of dreaming in the past in the article itself.
But there is no reality and no concrete evidence.
I think that what I am thinking is the only convincing fact.
But like Descartes, I’m thinking of entrusting everything to God at the end.

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