I feel I have to humbly wait for an opportunity.
It is very lamenting that the seeds we sown last year will not sprout.
I don’t hesitate about the disappointing results, and I don’t think there are days like this.
Being used to harsh reality is a proof that you have a lot of life experience.
We learn from various human relations and think about human good and evil and strengths and weaknesses.
But we have the fate of having to continue to worry about human relationships.
I humbly respect other people’s opinions but cannot produce good results.

There is no point in wasting money, stressing out other people and fighting.

I’m just patient to grow up.
I feel that human beings can grow up with patience.
Immature humans are impatient enough to wait for the red light.
And I think we may have missed an opportunity by waiting.
So it’s not immediately sensitive to new advertising and new products.
I think it would be good to wear shoes that you are used to and wear the same clothes to enrich your life.
I think human judgment is determined by the initial smile and voice quality.
I look at the situation for a few days to distinguish the human face from the back.
Feel comfortable at the moment you feel sleepy due to fatigue from work.

Farmer psychology

Farmers believe that the yield varies with the weather every year.
I think it’s rare to have a bad year due to bad weather.
I compare life to crop harvesting.
The weather cannot be changed by human power.
So we have no choice but to accept the reality of bad weather.
It’s really hard to do business outside on bad weather days.
However, fine weather can not continue every day, anyway, life has mountains and valleys.
The mental ability to cultivate patience, control stress and keep calm is very important.

I respect veteran farmers and dairymen.

I think that the farmers and dairymen who work hard for harvesting and breeding every year in various situations are wonderful.
Is it all about winning in sports?
I think that the content of the game up to victory and the process of personal growth are important.
Daily practice and education increase your potential.
And it is important to know the logic that things do not go smoothly every day.
Anyway, I think the most important point is the content of the long-term process, not the result.

I have been working for several years

I returned from the UK a few years ago and aimed for the world of creation.
He has studied oil paintings, camera work, English conversation and web programs.
I have learned the pleasure of self-expression and the greatness of living abroad.
I have been doing dozens of revolving jobs and studying various vocational experiences and relationships.
The result of the effort of about 10 years has not yet come to fruition, but I only believe in my own existence.
And I really want to keep walking to the truth.
I have never disturbed myself by human relations and have never had a fight.
I just solved my problem in sync with other people’s opinions without saying my own opinions.
He solved the problem quickly without barren discussions and apologized immediately and continued to solve the problem.
I feel the importance of having perseverance in a society filled with stress.

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