Pay Pay Pay for Nothing, No consuming

Don’t be targeted by the supplier

Do not enjoy consumption, pay pay pay for nothing too much for it
Satisfied by consuming, please watch brad pitt’s master piece of one, Fight club movie
Capitalist state slogan that consumption is great
It is important to enjoy life without consumption

I am a frugal

1 I have never been to a concert
2 I have never been to an amusement park
3 I have never bought a present
4 I have never bought a new CD
5 I have never been to a restaurant

Let’s see off those who regret later
Pension amount received
Simple labor
Low wages
Lack of skills
I do not know the MBA

1 I was playing video games at home
2 I watched youtube at home
3 I was not studying at home
4 I was not abstaining at home

I told you

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