Paz church


Paz church

As a believer in Christ, I try to balance creation and faith.
Sunday worship rallies are very risky.
Given the modern style, it’s best to watch online missions.
A myriad of religious corporations are engaged in online activities and street missions.
I recommend the Paz church Youtube channel.
It can be viewed mainly in English, Brazilian and Japanese.
I would also recommend the Brazilian version of Paz church to Brazilians.
As a believer in Christ, my religious career is more than seven years old.
The year when church participation was suspended is from 2014.
I was attending a church in a Brazilian town, but I gave up attending the church in preparation for oil painting production and study abroad.
I have not been in contact with members of the Brazilian Church for over 6 years.

Combined use of church and coffee shop

I have never actually visited Paz church.
I lived near Paz church from March 2019 to October 2019.
But when I lived there, I didn’t know the existence of Paz church.
I was attending a church in the city center.
It runs a coffee shop on weekdays and changes to a church location on Sundays.
There are several American and Brazilian ministers, missionary assistants, Brazilian and Japanese interpreters.
They are a wonderful group of Christ missionaries who have a family relationship.
The reason I learned about Paz church was the Youtube channel called Life in Japan.
I learned about Paz church through Youtube, a Christian American family.

Every Sunday at 11:15 am

If you want the power of God, check out Paz church’s Youtube channel every Sunday at 11:15 am.
I myself have stopped working on Sundays.
The work on Sunday is over when the work stage of the rehearsal on Monday in the early morning is completed.
But for American and European residents, it’s midnight.

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