Pension life

Pension life

In the countries of the world today it seems mostly that there is almost a system that can start pension payment from roughly 60 to 65 years old. Generally speaking, pension life is a lifestyle that lives with insurance money from the country without economic activity. I personally think that it is a time that can not be thought of as much positive as it is before the death term in terms of the time called old age.

I am not convinced of being lonely in the momentarily past time. I can understand the feeling tendency of the people of old age and young people seeking the happiness of leisure but I can not believe that it is something productive by enjoying leisure. The question remains as to whether it is possible to get happiness even in pension life where self-centered absolute freedom can be obtained and doubts still remain. People who do not have the lessons learned in their lives after reading the literature that can be done in the library are not enough real experiences.

. Ecuador

. Panama

. Mexico

. Southeast Asian countries

These foreign countries are popular globally because they are very convenient and comfortable to live in living after retirement. It is likely to be suitable for old age living with three elements of mild climate, low price and good security.

It is said that pension benefits for general people in developed countries are roughly welfare pension and about 170,000 yen a month. I myself are not in a welfare pension so I think that I will live old age with less pension benefit.

There is no anxiety about living in the old age.

I have no expectation for old age life.

There is a fact that there is no opportunity to transform from human activity to economic activity.

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