Pension system abolition


Pension system abolition

Pension is basically insurance for us

I’m convinced that our generation probably can not live a pension.
And I am pessimistic about the future while the social system is breaking down.
We recognize that it is important to build assets anyway.
Currently I work in a general company and work everyday and work overtime every day.
The age group of my colleagues around me is high.
And I realize that there are few young people.
It is understood that there are many elderly people when operating in town.

One day I was scolded by an old woman

First I am despised for old people who complain about poor life in pension life.
And I do not think that the logic that the result of past effort reflects in old age life is not wrong.
Also I do not trust in the current pension system and feel that I have to save my own retirement.
I can not live with a few hundred dollars a month in my pension.
Even so, I can not believe the people who are relieved for the future by paying the monthly pension premium.

Holiday study and investment are all

I am currently working to expand my business on the Internet.
And I think that information collection method and advertisement should be done on the Internet.
I’m still disappointed that there are mail and advertising flyers.
It is a well-known fact that advertising media on the Internet are clearly stronger.

We are concerned about the fact that advertising flyers turn into trash and become global warming

I am convinced that it is important to study sleeping and programming, Youtube, blogs and investment for the future with less sleeping time.
On holidays I write and read blog posts at fast food stores every morning, study programming and try to interact with foreigners.
Daily lunch is chopped cabbage to save time and save money.
The lunch cost is $ 1 and the time to take carbohydrates is only for dinner.
By the way I am giving up on getting married in the future and thinking about the next step up.
I want to do artistic activities, but I think it is quite difficult to actually build an asset by selling oil paintings and photographs.
So I think that there is a balance between stakes, demand and supply in interpersonal relationships in the world.

Decreased awareness of food

Living for more than 30 years is unfriendly to the diet
So I have a strong desire to increase creation in a comfortable environment
You know I live with the recognition that I should take necessary nutrients
So I am only disappointed with the world’s commercialism and ideology
I can not stop the runaway of human desires
All human beings can not be convinced of all things
I think that most modern foods are made by factory production
It is true that there are many people living with various diseases, and we should change
Still I feel that I can not save people who are being brainwashed by vulgar commercialism and buying

Homeless or saving life in old age

1 I think I should build assets while I can do economic activities
2 I think it is important to use the money earned from economic activities as the investment cost for the future
3 I’m really wondering what my parents can do on a pension life
4 I think I need financial support for my child in the future of my parents who have not worked hard
5 But long ago I decided to give my parents no financial aid because my father wanted to declare that he would not accept it in the future
6 I have no financial resources to provide financial support to my parents
7 I just do my best to cover my own living expenses
8 I am ready to live a homeless life if I can not build assets

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