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I don’t get a pension, so give up and work until I die

Are you accumulating annuity premiums smoothly?
Perhaps a monthly notice of future pension benefits is sent out by the Pension Service.
Well I hope to get pension monthly from pension office in future as pensioner.
How is your political situation and demographics right now?

My current pension is $200 a month

You know monthly pension must be at least $ 1000 for our pension life.
I can’t expect to accept satisfaction amount of pension received in future Unfortunately.
If we can’t build big assets before your old age, we have to work until you die I think so.
How to make a lot of money, man?

Aim for an industry with high demand and low supply, first

You should pay it monthly for pension premium and it has important to keep on paying for it.
I think so that professional athletes are striving to earn assets for life after retirement early.
It is same thing for our life isn’t it?
Surely both of aspect is differ situations but the common points of each other is earn early lifetime annual income.

In my case that I don’t think I’m going to make a big asset for the life after retirement.
So I stick to lifelong service, hahaha. I just worry about physical condition everyday.
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