People who want to copy

People who want to copy

People are being copied.
The ideal symbol of the masses is featured in the mass media.
Then he starts buying silly products to resemble the ideal image.
Many people waste valuable time in precious lives with silly acts.
Why not seek uniqueness?
Humans who live according to successful laws and successful human careers are brainwashed humans.
I understand why I don’t succeed.
That’s because they haven’t been able to invent breakthroughs by refusing to copy.


My way to change is to take a walk.
Running is done to slow down the decline in physical strength.
But running is another way to change your mind.
I value walks.
The time to think about the essence of things is during a walk.
You can’t seriously consider the worries of life in your house.
I feel that inhaling the outside air can restore my senses.
Why is copying so popular?

Ask for others’ ratings

I do my creative work for myself.
Complete the work each time and evaluate yourself.
I completely ignore others’ ratings.
There is a big difference between my own sensitivity and that of the public.
I feel uncomfortable every time I receive high praise from others.
That’s because my works that have received high praise from others are just my dissatisfied works.
Therefore, you cannot feel happiness in others’ evaluation.
The work that was convinced by self-evaluation is unpopular.
But I am very happy to express myself.
That’s because they create works with their own sensibilities without imitating successful people.
Why do you copy only the works of popular singers?
At the time of remake of the hit work, it is plagiarism activity instead of creation activity.

Do not flock

I want to be evaluated as an individual.
Evaluate your creativity.
But I am always satisfied with my self-evaluation.
If you work for self-satisfaction, you want to be unique.
Feel the public stupid for their similar looks and behavior.
Which is cooler, to keep copying and become a popular person, or to stick to originality?
There is no fun in copying or arranging successful human works to create unique works.

Similar videos

I’m stressed that I keep sending mainstream video content.
If you pursue originality every time, the delivery pace will be slow.
Please calmly evaluate the musician’s work that is distributed once a month.
You should reasonably value others.
Copied humans are less motivated to create.
I think that it is possible to produce works of originality by acting individually rather than collectively.

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