People without material


People without material

Many people are creating interesting videos on Youtube.
But making funny videos is difficult.
You must have a service spirit that is not self-satisfaction.
It is important to create something for selfishness, but there is a desire to know the reaction of someone.
Most men are only interested in women’s nakedness, breasts, buttocks and beauty.
And most women are interested in food, drinks and objects that they want to scream.
In other words, you have to make a vulgar depiction.
There are those who are stressed, nervous and working with a sense of duty.
You should refrain from thinking too deeply into a meaningless life.

Special ability

Most humans do not have certain special abilities.
The knowledge gap has become the economic gap.
It’s not a fair life, but I have no choice but to be satisfied with the situation.
I have no special ability.
That’s why I’m just doing whatever I want without being aware of success.
There is no pressure there and I enjoy the naked life at ease.

People who eat earnestly

Eating is one of the greatest human desires.
But eating is just supplementing energy.
You can avoid dinner if you have meat around your stomach.
But the videos that cover the food content of Youtube are covered.
I enjoy the taste for a few seconds without considering the stomach.
And I think that making is more creative than eating.
But everyone is in competition.
They are challenging the difficult industry without trying to cultivate new genres.
It’s true that he earns money simply by pressing the record button on the camera, eating and telling his impressions.
I don’t call it vulgar, but I choose a special human path.
When the meat around my stomach comes off, I just eat more.

People who cannot self-produce

You cannot change your personality suddenly.
And it is normal to live with the values ​​of decades ago.
I can’t get out of a constant situation.
But you have to get out of there.
That is why I regularly organize my sense of purpose between tasks.
If you do the same work, you lose your sense of purpose and creation.
I’m looking for a new way of expressing things, not unrealistic things.

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