Persistence activity


Persistence activity

I’m happy if I have something I want to work on forever.
You can do your favorite activities forever in the post-mortem world.
Are you doing permanence activities?
I have a reason to be able to search for animations forever.
It is allowed to devise endless scenarios and character designs.
Perhaps Beethoven is still crazy about composition.
It is difficult for a tired person to look at a hobby that he never gets tired of.


The masses mean people.
There is no absolute reliability.
Don’t trust people.
The inherent thing of human beings is a surprising figure.
Don’t be surprised by the universal results.
Has a complete sense of paralysis for sadness.
Do you know the true nature of a reliable human being?
There is a back face there, and the back face is the real face.
If you have a bad face to show in the public, you are a good person.
The nature of all advertisements is the exact opposite of the content of the advertisement.
The masses are like privates.

Lie face

People are making false faces.
He moves in society with a lie face without showing his face inside the house.
The era of insisting lies is becoming a rut.
He sits quietly and spends a boring time without expectations.

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