Personal tastes and preferences are invariant


Personal tastes and preferences are invariant

I remember that I was absorbed in my hobbies

My hobbies I was devoted to

: Green turtle
: Radio listening
: Caucasian
: Black
: Oil painting
: Gogh
: Personal development videos

My hobbies and tastes that I was bored with

I’m not interested in my family’s green turtle
I killed a few goldfish and I saw it when I saw the goldfish swim
There is no interest in wrestling at all and there are no good memories about wrestling
I was fascinated with the radio because there was no information source other than the radio but now I have not listened to the radio at all

The hobbies and tastes that still follow

I check the international competition of judo every week
I sometimes try guitars at the recycle shop but I’m not composing anymore
I have been interested in foreign countries when I was 23 and have lived with interest all the time
I have sent my past oil paintings to social media
Gogh’s career still stimulates my sensibility
I check my personal development videos almost every day and I am trying to do my best every day

What can be confirmed is that human beings are bored

Are you still crazy about your favorite idol in the past?
Are past club activities and relationships still continuing?
Are you still reading the books you bought in the past every day?
Are you thinking about the existence of past favorite people every day?

I think that each person’s taste and taste, environment and human relations are consistent
My friends and my ideals are always changing
The same environment, relationships, hobbies and preferences are too boring until they die
You would like to have a variety of experiences and enjoy yourself in this short life?
It is natural to always change hobbies and preferences, but there are things that I can not really like
I just can not like hip hop
I can not really like the city
I can not change the way of life silent and delicate

Different hobbies and preferences depending on different environments, nationalities and skin colors
So I will never push my principles and claims to others

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