My word today

If you don’t live while playing, your future will be dark

I just wondering.
Uhh.. I don’t trend to allow to waste time and money for pleasures basically.
But you know that we need to have refresh time to adjust mind.
I think my personal character is little nervous and sensitive to live.
Recently I am worrying about my personal character because I just want to understand crowd people’s feeling.
Well anyway I just wondering that to spend money playing on holiday is good or not good.

It’s difficult situation

Always being challenger is very hard to allow playing anything.
because to spend money and time for challenger is kind of compromising and betraying oneself you know.
It’s so hard to ignore and refraining to participate party times for me.
But you know that I just feel warn to some elders who works so hard as blue color.
They must not having funds or pension payment for living therefore they have to work for living.
I think They are totally looks 65 years over and it looks slave.
While we have time to work so hard, we gonna choose way to not have party times at the young age.
Don’t you think so that?
Thank you

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