Pleasure of fatigue after training


Pleasure of fatigue after training

Eating a lot and getting pleasure
Drinking and getting pleasure
Having a party and having fun
Make a lover and get pleasure
Make money, earn fun and enjoy scams
Masturbating and getting pleasure
Having sex and having pleasure
Get pleasure using Marijuana
Smoking and getting pleasure
To talk with others’ bad words and get pleasure
Everyone is looking for pleasure in life
My pleasure is different from everyone’s pleasure
My pleasure is fatigue after work and training
I feel pleasant to sweat a lot and to train my own body
I feel pleasure in playing cool myself while feeling the wind in nature

My life is full of troubles
Everyone lives with anxiety and dissatisfaction
It is not a good thing to comfort the wounded mind while avoiding the problem
Ok,I feel that it is important to train the body anyway
I am sweating by running on the road in Yoyogi Park on the morning of Saturday and Sunday
Everyone is looking for pleasure in events in Yoyogi Park
But I naturally seek a sense of fulfillment after training
I am training my body to slow down the aging process
Recently not interested in travel and entertainment industry abroad
Anyway, a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment can only be felt after efforts
I continued to maintain a sense of fulfillment by training this year’s severe heat

Next destination

I have to go to the next destination
And there is no end point in life
I have no choice but to seek the last point of life
So I’m looking for self growth without looking for a lover or a friend
I want to see things in a straight attitude, ignoring surrounding evaluations and expectations
Where is your next destination?
People who can not seek a dream because they are married and have children
Parenting of children is not allowed
I can not marry again if I get divorced
Everyone meets their desire without thinking about life
Logical thinking and emotionalism are at odds
Well I am not seeking a dream
I am not seeking love
I just clear the task in front of you
There is no answer in life
So there is no point in asking for an answer
I still seek answers
I am living hard

yasunari kayama

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