Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu!!!



Memory is not certain but probably I think that it was around the upper grade of elementary school. In the age of empathy of childhood he touched various cultures and had longing for something. Naturally limited to the field of movies I was obsessed with action movies obviously and I was playing fun with my friends around by acting as an actor. It would be meaningful if you decide something you are immersed yourself and put it all together and push it forward as it will work in some way in the future. It has become a human being who does not do video games at all now, but it was true that it was just crazy for the video game at the time of childhood of those days. Speaking of the boys playing in the 90’s was still a video game and remember that the people playing soccer and baseball outside were minorities. Boys’ only entertainment was thinking how to enjoy playing sports, movies, music and video games in the absence of money. Role-playing games were one of the few valuable entertainment for boys to play in the long run, and still such entertainment is still alive.

To be clear, I am now an adult and have not played video games at all, and now that such entertainment is. I went to the game center and toy shop due to the influence of surrounding nature and I felt that I wanted software for video game playing with my friends. Unfortunate me who could not enter the sports boy group just had to kill time with video games. For me who was a sports boy, it means that video games were inherently delicious and enjoying themselves and not playing role-playing games.

I admire that it was a long ago period as I go back to 1995. The first game software called Pocket Monster was released in 1995 as a small soft game called Game Boy. Although it was released in the United States after that, it is not certain when the time was when, but probably between 1998 and 1999 I think that it was game software already known to the American people. Pokemon name of abbreviated name of game software is recognized from Pokemon and the surroundings It seems that no one knew that it would become global game software afterwards. Originally released Pocket monsters were divided into two types, red and green versions were available and I bought a green version. I think that it will pass more than 20 years since then I can feel the length of the passage of time is strange. When I graduated from elementary school, TV games became completely unrelated and there was no interest. I like movies and music but I am not interested in the field of video games and music honestly. However, as the surroundings recognize the interestingness of Pokemon I am also sympathetic. During the 23 years Pokemon has been recognized worldwide as the game software Pokemon continues to evolve and I have little knowledge of the process of its evolution, but it has become a social phenomenon called Pokemon GO I know. People who are good at playing Pokemon probably can join a game company in the future to develop game software and think that it is important to connect from entertainment to work. Demand for software work is very big, you can earn high income, it is also a fact that you will get a job just by playing the game. As a matter of fact I think that I like movies and wanting to become a movie actor never be easy but also in the music world. Excellent music listeners are not always able to become excellent music singers and players. Do not idol worship and be meaningless. I certainly like movies but that I do not feel like I like special actors or actresses is that I should not idolatry. Although it may be possible to work as a critic of movies and music, I think it is actually difficult, and criticism and evaluation are not creative or attractive. If a person who likes games enters a software company and develops software of their own video game game, it can be economically successful if it gets a global hit. I feel that it would be more beneficial if you enjoyed while considering your future career career instead of just enjoying the game as entertainment.

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