Polar bear


Polar bear, warming and libido of modern people

There was a report that Polar bear came to search for food from the village to the private house on the island in the north of Russia. It was a press that I realized that I mentioned and warned about global warming several days ago. Human beings who do not feel a sense of crisis against abnormal weather are obviously disturbing ecosystems and it is difficult for me to think that human beings can ignore it. The earth is being warmed The glaciers floating in the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic Ocean melt quickly and the sea level rises.

It is understandable that global warming is steadily getting worse at the same time that the image that the polar bears of about 50 people ruined the private house was very shocking. The body of polar bear reflected in the picture was thin and thin so how polar bears are now in food crisis. Human beings suffer from other living things because human satiation and the lack of food in polar bears are the opposite situation.

The best way to prevent global warming is to reduce the world population if you say it from extreme points. The fundamental solution is to reduce the number of humans that cause global warming. As we live we can not stop breathing and we can not afford to eat food and a car is necessary. I understand the preciousness of new life and the joy of birth, but it is undeniable fact that the earth environment is actually contaminated. If I want a child I will adopt a child in a less developed country as a child. It is true that descendants are prosperous by the instinct of human sexual desire and there is a story that children were born from sexual relations. It is quite different between seeking sex pleasure and children. There are contraceptives and condoms in the world and I think that it is good to simply satisfy sex pleasure.

I feel that there are an increasing number of people enjoying the luxurious hobby of travel abroad every year in the world. An airplane flying high by placing a large number of people on the sky is the cause of global warming because it emits a lot of fuel and energy. I myself thought about traveling to South America but now I think that it wasn’t a great answer. Large air fares and long flights never match the value of sightseeing tourism for myself.

I noticed that substantial fever was accompanied by all kinds of human activities. Sadly, global environmental problems may be determined by the existence of human beings. Uhhhh….

I was working at the factory for 4 years until June last year. I changed from car commuting to bicycle commuting from last January to retirement date for half a year. The commuting time taken by bike commuting was 40 minutes and it became a very good exercise and it became an aerobic exercise by rowing a bicycle before work and the body became slim. I got a sense of awakening by exercising so I got a job done. Bicycle does not cost fuel and there is no greenhouse gas. It is pleasant to run a bicycle on a cycling road on a holiday and it is the best.

I agree with the policies of European countries that are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases released from the factory by mass production are still visible in my country today.

I am convinced that economy and happiness do not agree.

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